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Fresh Shelled Fancy Pecan Pieces

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size: 8.00 W × 5.00 H × 10.50 L

Not just pecan pieces —but the fanciest pieces found on the market! These fresh shelled pecan pieces go above and beyond the USDA standards for "fancy pieces!".

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Written by Patsy Baldock on Oct 17th 2020

I loved these pecans which I first ordered from eBay so much I searched for them on google. Found them. They are the best! No matter if they’re in pies, muffins, salads, or cookies (or right out of the bag). So good!

Pecan pieces
Written by Daniel Piccione on Oct 14th 2020

I eat 'em by the handful. I have deep Goldthwaite roots even though I live in PA and pecans bring back a lot of good memories for me.

Written by Robin P Mitchell on Oct 6th 2020

I have been ordering the pecan halves and pieces. They are delicious. We eat them with fruit , yogurt, in salads and other dishes.

Written by Neta Guy on Sep 15th 2020

it is a very good product and shipping is great

Review pecans
Written by Diana on Aug 15th 2020

Very good service and love the pecans

Large pecan pieces
Written by Deborah Anderson on Aug 13th 2020

Great price for wonderful product. Arrived quickly. Pecans were very fresh and delicious!

Pecan pieces
Written by Ellen E Crain on Jul 24th 2020

Great product for baking or just eating alone. Getting them on sale was a wonderful perk.

Return customer
Written by Caroline Hernandez on Jul 24th 2020

The pecans are deliciously fresh and hearty. I shared with my sister and she loved them! I love bringing smiles to my family when they taste these!

Pecan Pieces
Written by Christine Owen on Jul 13th 2020

The pecans pieces work great for baking cookies and cakes. The pieces save the extra step of chopping. I store them in the freezer and use all year. The BOGO coupon really helps especially with the price of ingredients increasing every trip to the grocery store. By ordering direct from the supplier I am assured I get fresh pecans.

Shelled Fancy Pecans Pieces
Written by David E Holyfield on Jul 9th 2020

Y'all already know, you have a great product, a great marketing gimmick, great packaging, fast and free shipping, and an awesome price What more could one, ask for, ?? I plan on staying a loyal customer, as long As The Lord allows

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