Inertia Nutcracker

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size: 4.00 W × 4.00 H × 18.00 L

America's classic nutcracker is back. Made of quality red oak, this cracker cracks all soft shell nuts and leaves the nutmeat whole.

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Pecan cracker
Written by Lemont Talington on Nov 23rd 2020

I really like the cracker, it works fine. It's fast and conservative.

Written by Juan on Nov 19th 2020

This inertia nutcracker is well made and works wonderfully. The orange pecans are addictive! We love them!

Written by Redwine on Nov 17th 2020

The craftsmanship is excellent. The instructions were a little hard to understand...probably because I was so excited to get the cracker..but I have so many pecans that it was easy to get into a 'groove' and crack away. I am happy with the unit..

Written by Edgar Hedgecock on Nov 10th 2020

The cracker really works well. It is easy to operate and cracks most nuts into halves. The one big drawback is the rubber bands. They work well but do not last very long at all. I guess I will have to order a stack online since I could not have any local. This is a problem.

Pecan cracker
Written by Kevin Bartley on Apr 28th 2020

Very nice. Reminded me of when I was a kid, sitting on the porch watching my uncle crack pecans. Very well built and easy to use. Cracked about 20 lbs of pecans in about 1hr and a half.

Written by Bert on Feb 18th 2019

Easier than using my hands or the manual tool that damages the nut

Inertia Nut craker
Written by George on Feb 15th 2018

It worked real good until the wooden striker split. I need a new wooden striker in order to be able to use it.

Great product!
Written by Debbie Mardell on Jan 27th 2018

Easy to use, cracks/shells the pecans on the first attempt. Works great and makes the tedious task a little less onerous! P.S. Very fast shipping as well!

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