Sweet Tooth Sampler 2lbs

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size: 10.00 W × 2.50 H × 10.00 L

2lb sampler filled with Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate and Frosted Praline Pecans. A little something for everyone. Net Wt 2lbs

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Written by George Bleything on Dec 15th 2022

I always have been pleased with service and product so when I completed my order I noticed a tracking fee charge that you add by what apparently is a default add on. While I chose to accept and make sure I was not overlooking some new value, I found it to be worthless as I was did not find anything superior to UPS's average tracking info. Bottom line I was dissapointed both in Pecans.com (for not making that an option) as well as with the "service" of no value. Typical marketing strategies that are being employed. Not enough to fuss with (time more valuable) but aggravating nonetheless. Of course hundreds or thousands of these small charges add up to real money for someone. My preference.... just add to the cost of product up front. And no, I don't want to discuss or be refunded. I will keep that in mind as I consider future purchases. As the saying goes if it ain't broke... well you know!

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