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Cinnamon Spiced Pecans

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size: 5.00 W × 2.00 H × 5.00 L

Sweet, crunchy mouthful of cinnamon spicy bliss! Grab a handful

and munch away or drop that handful on a bowl of home made vanilla ice cream!

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Written by Derrick Baker on Jun 5th 2019

These pecans are so good, my mom loves them, and I love them as well.

Written by Tim C Nicholson on Dec 4th 2018

They’re grrrrrreat! Hold it. Somebody’s already used that’s for something. Well, it still applies. The texture and flavor are exactly, maybe even more than, what I expected. Keep rockin’ the cinnamon spice pecans, y’all :)

Pecans Delicacy
Written by Tim on Aug 27th 2018

My wife and I discovered your store on our way north through Goldthwaite. I had to have another pics of the cinnamon cumin delicacy so visited your website. I totally enjoyed the treats. Would love to see something like that to make should be more affordable so that I could order more often :-)

Cinnamon spiced pecans
Written by K on Jun 11th 2018

These are simply the best! I love them! My whole family loves them!

Written by James on May 3rd 2018

The only problem I have with these is making myself stop eating them. These are delicious and remind me of the homemade ones we used to fix. Thank you for this product

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