In-Shell Squirrel Pecans 25 lbs

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size: 13.00 W × 10.00 H × 18.00 L

- LIMITED SUPPLY - not for human consumption

Available in small, native pecan size only. 

Give the furry & feathered friends in your life a nutty treat. Great entertainment! Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in shell pecans to California or Arizona. Please do not order these if you live in California or Arizona.

Bulk Product (Pecan Halves & Pieces, Pecan Meal and Squirrel Pecans will not be shipped unless physical street address provided, NO PO BOXES PLEASE)


Not for human consumption--squirrel not included.

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Squirrel Pecans
Written by Sandra on Mar 17th 2019

These are perfect! I go through a ton of nuts for squirrels during the week and these are great! I will be buying again soon!

Squirrel pecans
Written by Becky on Mar 11th 2019

My greedy squirrels here in Wisconsin seem thrilled with these nuts. They eat the cracked ones right away and bury the whole ones to save for later. Shipping does take a bite but the order was heavy, 25#, and I received it in less than a week. Pleased.

25 lbs pecans
Written by Giles Nowak on Mar 4th 2019

Quite happy with this purchase.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Jessica Hollon on Dec 18th 2018

These are great. Iam a Wildlife rehabilitator, so I get tons of abandoned baby squirrels, that have to learn to crack nuts, so I buy a lot of them many different times of year & they are always good in size and weight. I totally recommend them. You won’t find bulk squirrel pecans anywhere else. I have tried. My squirrels & Chippys love them.❤️

Squirrels love it
Written by Walter on Dec 3rd 2018

Squirrels love those pecans(gotta have those pecans!humans can’t have them) the only downsize is the shipping fees.other than that I highly recommend this product....and pretty sure the squirrels recommend it too!

Written by Tony on Sep 21st 2018

Field pecans for squirrels and many birds. Reasonably priced. NOT for human consumption.

Written by Walter on Sep 18th 2018

Squirrels love those pecans however although the price is good,the shipping fee is too expensive

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Stacey Farkas on Sep 5th 2018

I have ordered squirrel pecans from Pecans.com for several years and we are never disappointed. It’s a great price and reasonably priced shipping. Our neighborhood squirrels love these. Thank you Pecan.com

Written by Donald on Aug 15th 2018

The squirrels here love the nuts, since there are no pecan trees in Virginia that I know of. There may be some in the future as they are planting some.

Good Buy
Written by Tedd on Jul 18th 2018

No more cracked or split nuts than one would get from a 'premium' nuts order - very few. I have never had a squirrel turn down a cracked or split nut and they really go for the others. If available, I will order them again.

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