In-Shell Squirrel Pecans 25 lbs

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size: 10.00 W × 10.00 H × 17.00 L

- LIMITED SUPPLY - not for human consumption

Available in small, native pecan size only. 

Give the furry & feathered friends in your life a nutty treat. Great entertainment! Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in shell pecans to California or Arizona. Please do not order these if you live in California or Arizona.

Bulk Product (Pecan Halves & Pieces, Pecan Meal and Squirrel Pecans will not be shipped unless physical street address provided, NO PO BOXES PLEASE)


Not for human consumption--squirrel not included.

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squirrel pecans
Written by Rose Marie Thompson on Aug 13th 2020

Arrived Tuesday night. Squirrels and Chipmunks like the challenge and don't leave any behind. Bunnies that live in my yard, not so much. That's OK, it wasn't for them. Will order more in a few months. Rose Marie Thompson Raleigh, NC

Pecans for squirrels
Written by Bonnie Rosenstein on May 21st 2020

The pecans arrived quickly and the backyard squirrel family gives them five stars. We'll definitely reorder when we run out.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Apr 21st 2020

I took a vote and all the squirrels agree: SQUIRRELIFICENT!!!

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Pam on Mar 19th 2020

Needless to say, the squirrels around here are in heaven. When the pecan tree is empty....love that there is a source of pecans for them.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Mar 10th 2020

Lots of 5-star reviews from the squirrels. Mr.Nut says "DELICIOUS". Chippy says "More Please!" Pookie is busy burying them and Chupie is too busy eating them to comment! SQUIRRELTASTIC!!

squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Feb 22nd 2020

Mr.Nut says "These are the BEST nuts."

Squirrel pecans
Written by Gayle on Feb 21st 2020

These pecans are fabulous for my yard squirrels! They love them and pick through anything else offered to find them before eating anything else.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Feb 19th 2020

I took a vote and the squirrels unanimously voted: SQUIRRELTASTIC and SQUIRRELIFFIC!!

Squirrel luv em
Written by Ray Matheny on Feb 10th 2020

Our local park has a 1.75 mile walking trail. The squirrels see me coming and run up looking for a treat. Great value and excellent service too!

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie Gallagher on Jan 13th 2020

My gang gave these nuts the "Tails UP seal of approval". That's like 10 stars!!

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