Bread & Butter Pickles QT

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size: 4.00 W × 7.00 H × 4.00 L

Old fashioned coin cut pickles. Grandmaw’s best!


Size: 32oz


Ingredients: Cucumbers, vinegar, sugar, onion, water, spices, dehydrated onion, salt, citric acid, calcium chloride, potassium aluminum sulfate, polysorbate 80 & propylene glycol 76, palm oil & paprika


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Jalapeno Bread & Butter Pickles
Written by John Mayer on Nov 5th 2020

Great tasting pickle, I've purchased multiple jars on several occasions and the quality is aways the same...GOOD. Looks like the price has gone up $2 per jar so may need to find another option, $10 a jar is too expensive.

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