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Splenda Sweet Praline Pecans

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size: 5.00 W × 2.00 H × 5.00 L
Need less sugar in your life? Pecans.com less sugar
alternative praline coated pecans. Delicious!
Made with Splenda Brown Sugar Blend.
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Splenda pecans review
Written by Jack on May 8th 2022

We're not big on sugar-free items but took a chance after reading the great reviews. These pecans are fresh and incredibly satisfying with a light sweet taste. We are reordering them today. We're also adding the cinnamon Splenda pecans as well. If you haven't tried these before, definitely order them.

Splenda pecans
Written by Betty Dalton Vargo on Dec 14th 2021

Really good no sugar pecans! In fact the best I have had , and I have tried many candy pecans. Buy!

Satisfies Sweet Tooth without Blowing up my Diet
Written by Sonya Stone on Sep 30th 2021

I really love these pecans. I'd give them 10 Starts if I could. I really, really enjoy sweets and have started being more intentional about eating healthy, nutritious snacks (Bye, Bye, Trollis!). These pecans are my new favorite go-to snacks. Sweet, the nutritional benefit of the pecans but without the empty calories. I'd order them by the case if I could. Another thing - I've ordered pecans from others in the past. Its not uncommon to get a few 'rotten' nuts mixed in with the good. At Pecans.com, I can honestly say I've never gotten a bad nut. I've ordered over a dozen cartons of pecans and they've all been perfect!

Sweet Praline Splenda Pecans
Written by Rosemary on Jan 19th 2021

Excellent treat with just the right amount of sweet with a tasty pecan crunch. Love the Splenda alternative to sugar. Will buy again.

Splenda pecans
Written by Helena on Jun 8th 2020

Being a diabetic, these are just perfectly made and fresh. Very satisfied with all my orders.!

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