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Fresh Shelled Fancy Retail Pecan Halves

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size: 8.00 W × 5.00 H × 10.50 L

Beautiful Fancy Pecan Halves.

Available in 1 lb, 3 lb or 5 lb bags.





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Wonderful Texas pecans
Written by Lynne Kelly on May 4th 2022

I’ve been driving to Goldthwaite (TX) for years to buy pecans at the Pecans.com store, but this time I ordered online. The pecans are wonderful and organic (per the store staff - although the website doesn’t mention this). Order online for the convenience but try the store too if you can. Great fun with loads of items to sample!

Shelled Pecans
Written by Melynda on Dec 11th 2021

The pecans are absolutely delicious. They are fresh, flavorful and arrive very quickly. We love them so much we ordered more to give as Christmas gifts. Beware though, you will need a lot of willpower to keep from snacking on them all day!

Best Pecans
Written by Paula on Dec 7th 2021

I have placed multiple orders for the pecan halves and they never disappoint. These are the best pecans I have had in years. I stock up and keep these in the freezer so I can enjoy them year round.

Shelled Pecans
Written by Earnestine Brown on Dec 6th 2021

These Pecans are worth the price and on the plus side you were offering buy one get one free. I would have purchased them regardless, I have done so in the past and will again. They are delicious.

Review and a Thank YOU!!
Written by Mary Lou Martin on Nov 30th 2021

I want to thank everyone at Pecans.com for sending my order promptly, and for being so helpful and caring. Below is something I sent to Barbara J. Scott when replied back to her for sending me my Receipt. I am sure she has shared it with you, but just in case she hasn't had time here is what I wrote: Thank you for the receipt of my order from Pecans.com. I really appreciate how you all treat me. Especially the day AT&T decided to go down there in Goldthwaite. Let me explain. On October 13, of this year, I was traveling to Waco and just happened to stop in Goldthwaite for gas. I also stopped by Mills Country General Store, and after I left I found out that the app to guide me to Waco, as I had not ever been that way, was not working. I went back to Mills and found out my app wasn't workin because AT&T was off line. So, I asked how to get to Waco and the person that I was talking to told me the way. After drivine along the route I got worried, because I hadn't seen any signs for Waco, or anyother town, so got worried and turned around. That's when I notice your store as I crossed the railroad tracks. (Yes. I was going the right way, but I am so glad I turned around.) I walked into the store, and asked your clerk the way to Waco, and she not oly told me the way she printed out a map for me!! Unfortunately I forgot her name, but her mom works there shelling, so I hope you know whom I am talking about. She and customer both stated I was on the correct route to Waco. So, I bought a very delicious pumpkin fudge for myself and one for my Son and his family, and other things too, and set off with the map and goodies in my hand. I hope to get by there again when I go see my Son and his family in Waco. Please tell your clerk I still have the map in my truck just in case I will need it. May GOD Bless all of you, Mary Lou Martin

Written by Pam Bryan on Nov 29th 2021

They taste so good so glad we found you guys!!

free pecan halves
Written by Lynne Baldwin on May 24th 2021

The 5lbs plus 5 lb pecans arrived and are excellent!

Written by Rick on May 19th 2021

The pecans were excellent. The service was great and the people were very friendly. Just like the old days!

Best Pecans
Written by Paula on May 17th 2021

The pecan halves were large, fresh & tasty. Not disappointed. Will buy again.

Written by Bonnie Sims on May 12th 2021

These are the freshest and best Texas pecans ever. Love this store and there products b

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