Squirrel In-Shell Pecans 20 lbs - Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in-shell pecans to California or Arizona.

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size: 18.00 W × 13.00 H × 10.00 L

Give the furry & feathered friends in your life a nutty treat. Great entertainment! Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in shell pecans to California or Arizona. Please do not order these if you live in California or Arizona.

Not for human consumption--squirrel not included.


Pecans.com went to a 20# box due to lighter pecans.

These are the best squirrel pecans we can get at this time. If you'd prefer human grade pecans, you can order inshell pecans.


*Every box of Squirrel Pecans is labeled “Not for Human Consumption”. These in shell pecans are as if you had gathered them from under the pecan tree. All of Pecans.com retail quality pecans are put through stringent sanitation processes, whereas Squirrel Pecans are not.*

Bulk Product (Pecan Halves & Pieces, Pecan Meal and Squirrel Pecans are excluded from any and all "Free Shipping" offers, and will not be shipped unless physical street address provided, NO PO BOXES PLEASE.)


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Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Jan 24th 2023

Bonzo says he likes the assortment of sizes and that they are very very nutty.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Thomas Lawson on Jan 24th 2023

These pecans are well worth the money. We had to cut down our trees that fed the squirrels and birds in our area. We put these out and the birds get first serving and the late to the party squirrels get what they leave behind for them. It used to just be the squirrels but now the birds love them too. They range in size from small to large. Always good quality.

Written by Jason Adams on Jan 22nd 2023

Got the Squirrel Pecans quickly, packaged well, very few of them damaged, "Not For Human Consumption" stickers a little excessive, but was funny. Happy with Purchase.

Pecans for squirrels
Written by Kathy Via on Jan 12th 2023

I have ordered pecans for squirrels 6-7 times from Pecans.com and have never been disappointed. I expect my orders for #8> to be of the same excellant quality.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Jan 10th 2023

All the little squirrels wanted me to tell you they are quite happy with this batch of pecans. (And they are telling their friends.)

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Jan 3rd 2023

Bonzo and the girls agree that this is a really good batch of pecans! YAY!

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Dec 15th 2022

WOW. We got a real nice batch of pecans! The Squirrels are very happy!

Great for Squirrels
Written by Polly on Dec 5th 2022

These pecans come in a large box ready to give to your furry friends. We transfer the pecans to a plastic tote with a cover to maintain freshness and because we store them in our house. They come in various sizes and in good shape. They are clean and no branches included so you get just pecans. I have bought them many times before and this is my go to place.

I Spoil My Squirrels!
Written by Patricia Hopkins on Nov 22nd 2022

I get a lot of squirrels in my yard. I used to put out peanuts for them, but I found out they are not very nutritional for squirrels. I still put out peanuts, but I now supplement those with these pecans - they love them!

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Nov 11th 2022

The squirrels agreed that this batch was definitely a good batch. Happy squirrels!

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