Squirrel In-Shell Pecans 20 lbs -Not for Human Consumption! Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in-shell pecans to California or Arizona.

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size: 18.00 W × 13.00 H × 10.00 L

Give the furry & feathered friends in your life a nutty treat. Great entertainment! Due to state regulations, we are unable to ship in shell pecans to California or Arizona. Please do not order these if you live in California or Arizona.

Not for human consumption--squirrel not included.


Pecans.com went to a 20# box due to lighter pecans.

These are the best squirrel pecans we can get at this time. If you'd prefer human grade pecans, you can order inshell pecans.


*Every box of Squirrel Pecans is labeled “Not for Human Consumption”. These inshell pecans are as if you had gathered them from under the pecan tree. All of Pecans.com retail quality pecans are put through stringent sanitation processes, whereas Squirrel Pecans are not.*

Bulk Product (Pecan Halves & Pieces, Pecan Meal and Squirrel Pecans are excluded from any and all "Free Shipping" offers, and will not be shipped unless physical street address provided, NO PO BOXES PLEASE.)


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Written by Kevin Kaufman on May 15th 2023

My squirrels thank you for the 10% off. I am on SSI and every bit helps the next time I go to Ft Worth I will stop by to buy a couple of cases. Thank You

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Linda on May 10th 2023

These pecans are great! My squirrels love them. Easy ordering, fast delivery, great product for a good price. Highly recommend.

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on May 9th 2023

The squirrels took a vote and they came up with a unanimous "TAILS UP!!"

Squirrel Pecans
Written by JANET KONECNY on May 8th 2023

These pecans looks so much better than the ones I was getting in the past and cost less. Very quick shipping and delivery. And of course all my squirrels love them, they are so spoiled.

Squirrel In-Shell Pecans 20 lbs
Written by The Earl of Squirrels on Apr 26th 2023

This is a high quality product shipped seriously fast. The other squirrels and I thank you and give a big tails up...

Squirrel Pecans
Written by Julie on Apr 24th 2023

I asked all the squirrels to review: "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom" that means TAILS UP!!

Little Forest the Squirrel
Written by Joane Pappas White on Apr 14th 2023

The squirrel in-shell pecans were a huge success in Pavillion, Wyoming!

Squirrel pecans
Written by Alvin Boggan on Mar 31st 2023

I am very happy with them

My Squirrels love them
Written by Penny Oliver on Mar 31st 2023

Nice sized, my squirrels absolutely love them

Squirrels (and Bluejays) Love Them
Written by DA Thompson on Mar 30th 2023

Nuts come in one box - in good shape. I transfer them to a plastic bin for ease of access. Squirrels love them and the bluejays pick up the smaller ones. Have bought many boxes so far and this is my go to place for them.

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